Your well-being is our utmost priority. And that's why we're brining the contemporary and modern techniques of pain relief to Vietnam through our certified and highly-skilled team of PTs.


Lower Back

Pain in the lower back is one of the most common complaints among office people, and other occupations that require sitting and generally lack the active movement. We'll help you relieve the stress from work and fix your posture.


Anyone sitting at a desk all day probably suffers from neck pain every now and then. This is because we tend to rest our heads in unnatural positions for long periods of time. We'll help you correct this imbalance and improve your posture.


If you're at the top of the corporate ladder and need to make decisions daily, chances are you're dealing with a lot of stress that compounds over time and leads to regular headaches. Physio sessions can help reduce that stress level. 


All of us want to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you're an athlete or an avid enthusiast of an active lifestyle, the lowerbody joints are a crucial part of all your movements, and thus are facing huge pressure day in and day out.


What most people don't realize is how connected your feet are to other parts of the body via the nerve system, and so something so simple such as flat feet can be the very cause of pains all over your body.


Wrist pain is often caused by sprains or fractures from sudden injuries we barely notice. However, wrist pain can also result from long-term problems, such as repetitive stress that go unsolved.

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About Us

We are a team of professional and certified Personal Trainers here to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience by disrupting the way you have been recovering your muscles or addressing your pains so far.

Instead of making your pain go away only for it to come back a couple days later, we investigate its root cause and try to solve it once and for all. We’ll help you form new habits and pass our best practices onto you so you can incorporate that into your daily life and live a healthier and active life.

Our Service


Targeting deep muscle layers to release pressure and relax the muscles to the original stage.

How can regular physio sessions help me in my day to day trainings?

Even if you are stretching regularly, there is a ton of built up pressure and tensions rooted deep down. We’ll help you relieve and relax the muscles you would not be able to reach on your own

Can physio actually increase my performance?

Yes, physio serves as a higher efficiency recovery model which means your body and muscles can recover faster and better.


Say you’re currently training 3 times a week because of the relax needed in between the sessions.


With regular physio, there is a chance to reduce your recovery time which allows you to train 4 times a week which effectively increases your performance outputs.


Helping to reduce the pain and recovery from more serious problems such as a carpal tunnel or blocked neck/shoulder.

I work with a computer, how do I prevent the negatives effects of the office work?

First of all by bringing ergonomics to your workplace. We’d recommend an ergonomic chair and, if possible, a standing table where you’d try to stand for at least 2h a day.


But even with all of that, office job is very passive and lacks movement by definition, and thus an extra effort to increase your well-being is very much recommended.


We’re here to help you regenerate your muscles and advise you how to best incorporate more movement in your day-to-day working environment.

Does sitting all day working have a negative impact on my overall health and potentially cause a long-term problem?

Unfortunately yes.


One, there are endless scientific proves that lack of movement is generally a very dangerous thing that could long-term even lead to cardiovascular issues such as heart disease or even heart attack.


Two, sitting all day in unnatural position, feeling stiffed and upright can transfer to your mood and impact your emotional state leading to stress, sadness or even anxiety.


That’s why people say take care of your mind AND body!


Guiding the consumers to exercise correctly and help with mobility of the body.

How do I even know whether or not I'm suffering from a chronic pain?

This one’s tough to uncover unless it’s real bad.


Generally speaking, if you’re above 30 years old, chances are you are suffering from a chronic pain of some sort to certain extent.


The main reason is usually ignoring the barely noticeable pain that sometimes wouldn’t even hurt, just creates some kind of discomfort from time to time.


But once these things go unresolved for a longer period of time, they usually accumulate and build up for a chronic pain that’s hard to cure.


Luckily, we are making it our specialty to help you overcome chronic pains.


Our PTs have been studying the most common chronic pains and their most efficient treatment. It usually takes a while, but with patience and regular physio sessions, you should be pain-free in no time!

Everything has been great with the players. They really like and appreciate the service. Your PT have really learned to understand the high performance athlete.


Favorite session: Muscle Recovery with ReFIT

Coming to ReFIT is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been suffering from muscle tension and it got worse when I started playing Golf. They help me with my back muscle tension and also train me in the right posture.

Nguyen Long

Favorite session: Muscle Recovery with ReFIT

I’ve worked out for 3 years and always struggled with muscle pain. ReFIT is really getting me out with this, the treatment is doing its job to help my muscles recover better. It feels kind of relief after and it gives me energy for the next training session.

Tommy Henderson

Favorite session: Muscle Recovery with ReFIT

My dad had back problems for 10 years. We had tried many curing options even using the medicine until I read about ReFIT. After all, my dad had slowly recovered and his back was barely in serious pain again. Currently, my dad is still following the treatments 3 times/week in ReFIT to maintain a stable situation.

Jayson Kell

Favorite session: Pain Management with ReFIT

ReFIT helped me with my chronic neck and shoulder pain. The PT was so nice and kind during treatment, they also gave lots of good information about my problem.

Thu Hoang

Favorite session:Favorite session: Pain Management with ReFIT

The office workers definitely need those sessions. If you’re like me, usually sitting in the wrong posture during working hours causing hunchbacks and turtlenecks, you should try the treatment with ReFIT.

Hoang Ha

Favorite session: Posture Fixing with ReFIT

I experienced using ReFIT when I started going to the gym. They’re good for recovering my muscles, but especially, I’ve gained lots of knowledge about muscles and stuff which helps me in fixing my posture during working out sessions.

Tony Tran

Favorite session: Posture Fixing with ReFIT

A Free 1:1 session

ReFIT offers you a free treatment including a consultation with our experts and an experience of a 1:1 60-minute therapy session.


1. Examination

One size does not fit all which is why we take pride in providing custom and personalized solutions to our customers.

In order to really understand your problems, we'll go through a quick questionnaire together for us to understand the in's and out's of your health status and overall well-being.


2. Solution

Once the root cause of your problems has been pinpointed, we'll get to fixing it right away.


Our certified PTs will demonstrate the most effective treatment to your issues on a 1-on-1 session completely free of charge.


3. Deal

Depending on your diagnosis, the PT will suggest the optimal treatment to suit your needs the most.


We offer a wide range of packages and we'll always strive to satisfy clients' needs to our best capabilities.

Our Coaches

Mr. Hoai Nam

Head Coach

Mr. Hoai Nam

Head Coach

Mr. Hoai Nam

Head Coach

Mr. Hoai Nam

Head Coach


1 Session

VND 525K 525K / session
  • First session FREE
  • Examination & consulting
  • Individual training plan
  • Progress monitoring
  • Nation-wide branch access

12 Sessions

VND 5,850K 488K / session
  • First session FREE
  • Examination & consulting
  • Individual training plan
  • Progress monitoring
  • Nation-wide branch access

24 Sessions

VND 10,800K 450K / session
  • First session FREE
  • Examination & consulting
  • Individual training plan
  • Progress monitoring
  • Nation-wide branch access

48 Sessions

VND 19,800K 412K / session
  • First session FREE
  • Examination & consulting
  • Individual training plan
  • Progress monitoring
  • Nation-wide branch access

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